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P.O. Boz 20414, Chicago, IL, 60620-0414
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The Chicago Ski Twisters ski club is the oldest ski club in Chicago. It was organized in 1959 and is still serving as a model for all future ski clubs. The Chicago Ski Twisters was conceived on the principles of teaching downhill skiing, attaining low group cost, traveling with new ski friends and providing an avenue by which skiers and wannabe skiers could gather.
The Chicago Ski Twisters Ski Club was brought into existence, purely for the sake of the downhill skier and snowboarder. From the originally known four independent pioneer skiers, who started skiing long before 1959; only George Sanders, President of the Chicago Ski Twisters, is still super active in downhill skiing. During the early sixties, the Chicago Ski Twisters enjoyed years of camaraderie with some of the Midwest ski clubs, such as the Jim Dandy ski club of Detroit, Michigan; then on to the 1973 Black Summit, they met, partied and skied with 13 known black ski clubs at Aspen, Colorado. The Chicago Ski Twisters has been in the forefront for a long time. In 1974, the Chicago Ski Twisters played host to the first meeting in Chicago for the formalization of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS). The Chicago Ski Twisters and the Jim Dandy’s of Detroit are the two oldest black ski clubs on planet earth. Named for the dance rage of the time - "the twist" in 1959, the Chicago Ski Twisters ski club exhibits its own personality and style. Some of the Chicago Ski Twisters' long list of "firsts" are:
  • the club's first Guaranteed "learn to ski on first weekend" or cash back free beginner group lessons free intermediate and advanced private lessons on a selected need to improve
  • free lift tickets on selected weekend ski trips and no charge round-trip ground transfers on NBS Summit ski trips.
Even with the many evolutionary changes over the past 40 years and over a thousand skiers later, the same qualities that made the Chicago Ski Twisters Ski Club unique in 1959, continues to make it a desirable ski club in the 2006/2007 ski season.

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At a time when African Americans on the ski slopes were a rarity and black ski clubs were an exception, Ben Finley and Art Clay were not deterred from their vision to create a national Black Ski Summit. READMORE