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The mission of the National Brotherhood of Skiers is “to identify, develop and support athletes of color who will WIN international and Olympic winter sports competitions representing the United States and to increase participation in Winter Sports.”

The athletes are the core of our mission and represent the dreams of all of us.  From coast to coast, big and small mountains, cities and the suburbs these young adults pursue excellence in sport, citizenship and education.  Your support through direct donations and attending the annual event generate these needed financial resources.  Others have come before them and others will follow but your support is needed continuously.

Participation in winter sports creates an outlet for fitness and a means to broaden experiences.  The NBS is committed to increasing access to winter sports through its clubs and in the founding of the National Winter Sports Education Foundation.  Enjoy the “Summit” and appreciate this special opportunity.

Schone Malliet
Olympic Scholarship Fund Administrator

"B" Team Member (ER) - Alex Malliet


"B" Team Member (RMR) Emily Whaler


"A" Team Member (WR) - Freestyler Kevin Arnold


"A" Team Member (WR) - Mallory Duncan


"B" Team Member (ER) - Marcus Baker


"A" Team Member (WR) - Tanner White


"B" Team Member (RMR) - Tianna Terrell


Elite Team - Lauren Samuels

altHometown: Golden Valley, MN 

Birthdate: 10/13/92 

Club: Rowmark Ski Academy 

Equipment: Sponsored by Atomic skis, boots & bindings, Oakley goggles & eyeware, Keka shin guards, POC helmets, Slytech protective gear, Swix poles 

Scholarship: National Brotherhood of Skiers - Olympic Scholarship Fund 

Hobbies & Interests: Powder skiing, cliff jumping, math, science, art, physical therapy, design, soccer, road cycling, track, motocross riding, inline skating, hanging with friends and my brother, water sports and days at my Grandmother’s cabin in Minnesota. 


Growing up in Minnesota, Lauren Samuels has mom, dad and brother Justin to thank for bringing her to local ski races at the age of 6. It didn’t take her long to figure out its way more fun to race than watch. Fast forward to 14 years old and she found herself in Aspen, CO on the Downhill, Super G and Giant Slalom podiums of 2007 Rocky/Central Division’s J3 Junior Olympics. Little did she know that Aspen’s challenging World Cup race run would continue to be the home of her most exciting race results year after year. 

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Elite Team - Ralph Green in New York Times

A Life of Peaks and Valleys, and of Hope

TURIN, Italy, Feb. 27 — A month after Ralph Green was gunned down on a Brooklyn street corner in 1992, his mother mustered the strength to look ahead. 

Until he was shot, Green had escaped the violence that plagued his Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. He was 15 and a promising high school quarterback. After the shooting, his left leg had to be amputated and he was in a coma.

But Grace Green vowed that her son was not finished.

"I'm not going to let my son be a forgotten one," she told reporters in September 1992. "They say things happen for a purpose. As good as he was in football, he'll be even better in something else."

Sure enough, Ralph Green walked into the Olympic Village here one day last week, leaning on metal crutches, his smile a bright spot on a cold and rainy afternoon. Wearing his United States Paralympic Team jacket, he looked around and marveled at his surroundings.

"The Olympics is something that you see on TV," Green said. "You see the athletes that you see on TV, and they're eating lunch."

Soon, Green will move into his own Olympic Village room, in nearby Sestriere, for the Paralympics, which begin March 10 and will be contested in the same places as the Winter Games. Green, now 28, will compete in all four Alpine skiing disciplines.

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