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AM/CC 2014 - The NBS Experience!


Register Now for AM/CC 2014 - Sun Valley, Idaho!
The NBS will be there February 22 - March 1, 2014!

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Highlights from Sun Valley 2012

National Brotherhood of Skiers visits Ketchum, Idaho

Click HERE to watch the video!

"It's All About the Youth....2013-14 NBS Youth Outreach & Olympic Scholarship Fund Program

"It's All About the Youth....2013-14 NBS Youth Outreach & Olympic Scholarship Fund"

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Ebony Ice Ski Club reaching out to inner-city youth.

MILWAUKEE- It's goal is to expose inner city youth to non-traditional winter sports. 

One local woman is doing her part.  Eunice Thomas is President of the Ebony Ice Ski Club.  She notes, "I've been skiing for 21 years. It was a goal of mine when I graduated from college. I wanted to get involved in skiing and weightlifting, and skiing just took over everything."

Thomas explains, "We live in Wisconsin.  It's great to get out to do something fun in the winter.  It gets kids off the couch." 

The Ebony Ice Ski Club is like a classroom in the snow.  Kids get basic skills and more.  They learn discipline coordination, and confidence along with mastering the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding.  The lessons take place at the Sunburst Ski Hill in Kewaskum.

Thomas adds, "By the end of the last four weeks, they can see themselves progressing and it helps improve their self esteem." And thanks to the Ebony Ice Ski Club, students are exposed to new challenges that will help them on the slopes, and later in life.

 To watch the inspirational video - Click Here

Ketchum Welcomes Winter Enthusiasts

Members of the Ebony Ice Ski Club of Milwaukee, Wisc., proudly display their banner Sunday in a reception

for the National Brotherhood of Skiers at Ketchum Town Square.  Nearly 1,000 members of the Brotherhood

—some registered and some not—are in the valley as part of an annual outing for the group. Visitors are
representing cities that include Detroit, Washington, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, New York City
and New Orleans. The last time the group was in Sun Valley was in 1998. Ed King, a SunValley ski instructor
who is helping to host the visitors, said the gathering has been a huge success so far. “They are all having
a great time and the community has been very welcoming,” he said. Photo by Willy Cook

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